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Heroic Paths as similar to the concept of class in other games. Your Churble's Heroic Path determines his or her core skills and general archetype, though unlike many games the Churble's choice of Weapon Style is fairly independent of their Heroic path. There are currently four Heroic Paths planned for the game each of which has three combat styles which determine if your Churble specilize in offense, defense or a balance between the two.

Warriors take a direct approach to combat, using physical prowess rather than stealth or magic.
Rogues rely on stealth, traps and trickery. Many of their abilities are based on shadow magic, which Mystics do not practice.
Mysitcs hold power over the elements and can throw fireballs, move earth or brew alchemical concoctions.
Currently not much is known about the druid Heroic Path other than that it is nature themed and seems to have shape shifting powers and support and hindering magics.

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